Exhibition Coordinator

Exhibition Coordinator (Volunteer Role)

Role Description:

The Coordinator assists with plans and with implements all phases of operations and exhibitions including, registrations and installation of art work.

This role also secures authorizations, handles publicity promotions,


  • Curating of exhibits: coordinate all communications with community arts organisations.
  • Assist with Plan :planning, preparing and coordinate the exhibition
  • Provide guidance on visual elements or concepts.
  • Works closely with Arts and Heritage Officer to setup gallery activities (, tours, workshops/lectures/ panels).
  • Provide support to visitors and collate feedback
  • Review of item artefacts, photographs, and other materials submitted.
  • Assist with labelling of exhibits.
  • Develop a guideline for visitors.
  • Interact with the public via social media
  • collection and preparation of art pieces for exhibition (matting, framing, storage & space designation for installations
  • Take down of exhibits.
  • Follow appropriate curatorial and safety guidelines supervision, direction, supervision of volunteers and interns.

Prepare, including written annual progress reports and attendance statistics as required.

If you have experience in exhibition making, or would like to acquire the skills and learn how to put on an exhibition and are interested, contact us via 07510 917 517 or email info@learningthroughthearts.co.uk