Volunteer Project/Admin Support Assistant

Project/ Admin Support Assistant (Volunteer Role)

Role Description:

The major duties, tasks, and responsibilities usually carried out by project assistants are shown in the job description example given below:


  • Write letters.
  • Maintain contacts with potential stakeholders who may be interested  in projects
  • Supervise tasks assigned to young volunteers.
  • Keep records of all information related to project for documentation,
  • Assist with publicity and, event promotion’ delivery of.
  • Support and assist with the /family work, including taking photographs/ compiling report.
  • Support the drama production and stage performance including sourcing venue, assisting the style director and the professional artiste and performers.
  • Provide support and monitoring to young volunteers on the project.
  • As the supporting system of the director, project assistants are in charge of logistics related to work make arrangements for meetings, presentations, seminars and training being organized
  • Support with evaluation of projects and make useful suggestions to the director on the best practices and strategies to apply in project execution.

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