Covid-19 Statement

During this challenging time, Learning Through The Arts is focused on supporting our customers, employees, volunteers and the local communities in which we operate.

We are working continuously to avoid disruptions caused by COVID-19 (coronavirus), while at the same time acting responsibly to do what we can to prevent further spread of the virus.

Learning Through The Arts takes the COVID-19 threat seriously and we are taking all reasonable measures to prepare for and mitigate the risk of COVID-19 in all spheres of our operation.

We have introduced a raft of measures to protect our clients, users and customers.

  • Conduct a risk assessment for each set of workshops we plan to deliver.
  • Allow only an optimum number of participants based on size of venue.
  • Create a one-way system which should ensure that participants do not come in contact with each other.
  • Assign a seating position for each participant and maintain at least 1 metre social distancing.
  • Stagger participants entrance and departure, ensuring that people are distanced at the start and on leaving.
  • Have individual art packs per individual or family, so that no one shares equipment or art materials.
  • Provide gloves for each participant.
  • Provide masks for individual participants as required.
  • Encourage hand washing before sessions begin and have hand sanitisers available for use before, during and after sessions.
  • Participants who manifest signs of illness would not be allowed to participate to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Tables and equipment will be wiped and all surfaces cleaned with anti- bacterial gels before and after workshops.
  • Notices and reminders relating to social distances to be placed in public spaces.
  • Collect records of participants’ telephone numbers and other contact details for ‘track and trace’ purposes.
  • Work closely with partners and venues to ensure that their risk-assessments are upheld.

We will continue to closely monitor and assess the evolving situation in line with government regulations.

Ademola Adeniji, Creative Director