100 Years: Equality and Women’s Franchise in Britain

100 Years: Equality and Women’s Franchise in Britain

100 Years: Equality and Women’s Franchise in Britain is a project which began in 2018, during the anniversary celebrations; in partnership with Brent Museum & Archives.

We opened with a call out to young people in Brent, to get involved. By volunteering, the young people would take ownership of the project, moulding the outcomes.

The project took form in two phases; phase one being an exhibition of archival material and contributions from Young People in Brent, phase two involving interviewing local Councillors and making and showcasing a short film.

Regular workshops and training were held in various locations in Brent including, CVS Brent and SEIDs Hub, in Wembley.

The initial call out poster to Young People in Brent

As part of developing the exhibition, young people were involved in a series of activities; including research workshops, with a visit to Houses of Parliament, writing and journaling workshops. These enabled them develop a deeper understanding and insight, allowing them to each produce individual contributions to the exhibition.

Visit to Houses of Parliament archives

Exhibition: The Atrium, Brent Civic Centre, Wembley

9th April – 16th May 2019

An exhibition by young people from Brent commemorating 100 years of Women’s quest for equality and voting rights in Britain. This project explores the history, heritage and legislations which set in motion voting rights for women beginning with 1918 Representation of the People Act, which gave women the right to vote, provided they were over 30 years old and they, or their husband, met a property qualification.
This exhibition represents the historical timeline of events, illustrating the selfless sacrifices of Women Suffragettes in Britain.  This exhibition is also a contemporary interpretation of the struggles for equality by women from the perspectives of young people involved in the project.

The exhibition has now moved onto SEIDs Hub, Wembley.

Exhibition: SEIDs Hub, Wembley

Tuesday 21st May – ongoing

Phase Two: Oral History Interviews

Second open call poster used

Film Screening: SEIDs Hub, Wembley

Saturday 7th September, 2019

This event was a celebration of the hard work the young people have done in the ‘100 Years of Equality and Women’s Franchise in Britain’ project, through a film screening of interviews they conducted.

Having contributed to an exhibition about the subject, the young people then interviewed local Brent Councillors and staff about equality today in Brent. This event was a showing of this film as well as an opportunity for the young people to receive their certificates for their involvement.

Ademola started by welcoming the guests to the event and describing the background and scope to the 100 Years project. The film was then screened to great applause afterwards. Deanna then called up the young people to read reflections of the project that they had prepared. These were very touching and gave a real insight to the impact that this project has had on both the young people’s confidence, but also their outlooks on the future. Ademola then presented the signed certificates to the young people and closed the event by thanking everyone who made the project possible and those who attended the event. Refreshments and mingling then took place which allowed the young people to talk to each other, meet each other’s families and talk to the Councillors which attended.

Hard copies of the final CD will be sent to the young people and Brent Staff and Councillors involved. Learning Through The Arts would like to thank everyone involved with the project for giving this opportunity to the young people to grow and develop.


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With support from The London Community Foundation, Wembley Park and Brent Museum & Archives.