About Us

Learning Through the Arts (LTTA), is a social enterprise which works within the community to promote learning, creativity and skills development through the Arts.

Learning Through the Arts promotes a culture of life long learning. We seek to develop, nurture creative talents by providing training, organising workshops using all forms of creative arts as medium of instruction.

Our workshops cater for adults and young people, and are run in a small friendly group which allows participants to learn at their own pace, but most of all allows them to explore the arts whilst making new friends and developing social skills. Most of our work is project based and therefore allows for flexibility in participation and meeting individual needs.

Showing off creationsLearning through the Arts contribute to individual and social development through our workshops, training and mentorship schemes.

Our activities provide a wide range of benefits and values to participants.

We invest in people’s individual development where participation increases self confidence and self esteem.



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