Create and Connect: Family Workshops, Borehamwood

A Creative Arts project, offering fun and inspiring family workshops during the school holidays in Borehamwood. 

Summer Holidays 2021 

Every Wednesday in August, we provided family arts and craft workshops at Allum Lane Community Centre in Borehamwood. The workshops included: Notting hill Carnival Headdresses, Suncatchers, Caribbean Kites, Cyanotypes, Yacht building, 3D Beaches, Salt Painting and making a Carnival Float.

Feedback from the children:

“We learnt how to make a carnival float. They enjoyed all the cutting and sticking. Thank you!”

“it was very fun and I will do it at home”

“Loved the possibility of putting any designs onto the headdress”

“I enjoyed making the boat, umbrella, palm tree and using the playdough.”

“You can always be creative”

Feedback from families:

“Amazing workshop teaching Caribbean culture. Have learnt where the Caribbean is on a map and flags of the different countries. Have had great fun making kites.”

“The kids really enjoyed it. Thank you!”

“The kids enjoyed decorate the headdresses they made”

“The kids enjoyed a new way to make a beach scene”

“This has been fantastic- thank you so much!”

“The kids found it really fun and we cannot wait for the next workshops in October”

October Half Term Workshops 2021

Art workshops in October focused on ‘The Spirit of Africa’ celebrating Black History Month.
The children made a variety of crafts including Ndebele necklaces, Maasai Shields, African Storytelling, Caribbean Maps and Kara Walker Silhouettes.

Today I learnt that in Africa there are 54 different countries and 2000 languages.”

“We learnt about African culture and what the Ndebele colours and symbols mean”