Music Icon: I.K Dairo MBE

A cultural project celebrating the life and works of I.K Dairo and commemorating the 55th anniversary of his receipt of the MBE, the only African to achieve such an honour, for his services to music in Africa and the commonwealth.

This project has comprised of two exhibitions, workshops and will be concluded by the upcoming public event Songs Of I.K Dairo: Workshop and Social Event, taking place on the 24th November 2018 at Beechan Grove Baptist Church, Watford.

Trestle Theatre: Exhibition

1st-31st October 2018

Some visitors comments:

” Thanks for this exhibition. Great to read. ” – Frank

“Great Display. Just heard Dairo’s music, so beautiful” – Andy

“Thanks a lot” – Rapheal

“Nice one. Great to learn about this musical icon.” Akeem

Watford Library: Exhibition

October 2018

Ascend, Watford: Presentation:

November 2018

Some visitors comments:

“This is the first time I heard Jùjú  music.” Charles
“The people holding the event were very informative, very lovely people.” Sam


Songs of I.K. Dairo Workshop and Social Event, Beechen Grove Baptist Church, Watford:


Some visitors comments:

“I enjoyed listening about his life and also listening to some of his music.” Katie

“Really likes the music, sounded really good.” Barry




This project is supported by The heritage Lottery Fund.