Silent Screams: Touring Stage Performance

Set in Nyasaland (Malawi) in 1917, a church minister’s attempt to stop the forced conscription of local men into the army brings him in conflict with the might of the colonial authority.

Through a blend of audience participation, African drumming, and physical theatre, the audience are taken on a journey based on a true story less told.

Silent Screams brings to the fore the involvement of Africans in the Great War, just as it replicates the conflict amongst European powers in their African colonies.

Written by Ademola Adeniji

Directed by Josephine Samson/ Sally Barnard

Silent Screams explores the contribution of African soldiers to WW1, as well as the far reaching social impact this had for African people.

Silent Screams has previously been performed at the Pumphouse Theatre, Watford and the Broadway Theatre, Barking, as well as Queens Park Arts Centre

Read the London Theatre 1 review here:


“Bravo to the director, the writer and the whole for this wonderful show. Telling this unknown history of the British empire!! A great BRAVO again!!! I had a wonderful moment.” Johnathan Brandt.

“Loved the amount of audience participation! Some really lovely moments. Very intense at times. Very good job at tackling a very serious upsetting issue. Well done!” Carlton Venn.

“Very educational and the participation of the audience was great. The purpose was presented well. A great experience to us all.” Claire Hallway.

Silent Screams 7th-9th June 2019, Queens Park Arts Centre, Aylesbury

Learning Through The Arts presents Silent Screams; a captivating story of courage, resistance and self–sacrifice. Written by Ademola Adeniji and Directed by Sally Barnard.

Above: Stills from Queens Park Arts Centre Performance June 2019

Audience Feedback/ Comments:

“Riveting story of atrocities carried out by the colonial powers in WW1,inc murder, forced deportation. Excellent acting, all so versatile, wonderful.  Interesting illustration of colonial manipulation using animals from the jungle. Love to see more!”

“Wonderful. Tragic horror filled story told and acted with passion, feeling and comedy in an emotional and serious way. Most enjoyable provoking play.”

“Wonderful use of physicality and voice. Stunning and moving chorus work – painted a picture with art, not things! Taught me things I never knew.”

“Brilliant performance in turn shocking harrowing story, kept me spellbound, educated me about a little-known aspect of the 1st world war and colonial history. Brilliant storytelling especially the final story-excellent parody. Thank you.”

“Powerful story and beautiful characterisations’ particularly enjoyed the ensemble and storytelling parts. The actors were brilliant. Azibo really stood out. Thank you for sharing a story often untold.”

“Fantastic production. Emotional journey, Great characterisation. Hard hitting but necessary Well done to all involved.”

“This production was amazing, heart wrenching and thought provoking. The acting was very genuine and transported the audience inside the play. The direction and writing were great and I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed!”